Rental Properties

Looking for insurance policies to cover your rental properties? Find out how to ensure your properties have the coverage they need to be lucrative.

If done right, your rental properties can be a lucrative investment. One component that ensures profitability is the right rental property insurance coverage. At Livingston Insurance Agency, we help property owners find the right plans to protect their investments. No need to feel overwhelmed and confused by the options when our experts can make the insurance process easy.

Common Policies for Rental Property Owners

What do you need to protect your property investments? The team at Livingston Insurance agency can assess your properties and connect you with the optimal insurance plans.

Our Policies Include:

  • Dwelling Fire Policy (Rental Dwelling Policy) including Landlord liability for small portfolios
  • Scheduled Package Policy including property and general liability for large portfolios
  • Business Interruption
  • Umbrella
  • Flood
  • And More!

Whether you are a rental property owner or someone who has rental properties as a side business, we have the hassle-free coverage you need to have complete peace of mind and investment protection.

Need Rental Property Insurance? Livingston Has You Covered!

While you are an expert in the rental property business, you may not have expert knowledge when it comes to insurance. That’s where our team provides invaluable expertise. We offer customized plans to give you the right rental property coverage when it matters most. With us, you’ll never feel like a number. We provide personalized service and the best insurance policies on the market to give you a high ROI. Contact Livingston Insurance Agency to learn more about our rental property insurance options or to get coverage now.

Did you know?

Did you know that your renter’s personal property is not covered by your insurance? BUT their liability is YOUR responsibility, especially when they have no renter’s insurance!

Make sure your rental home, rental income, and liability are covered

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