Other Bonds

Looking for other bonds that don’t fall into any of the typical categories? We’ve got a variety of miscellaneous bonds right here at Livingston Insurance Agency.

Are you searching for other bonds that protect consumers from breached contracts or to stand out from the competition? There are many other guarantees available to ensure people perform the agreed-upon task. The experts at Livingston Insurance Agency can help. We’ll evaluate your situation to determine which miscellaneous bond best suits your needs.

Lost Securities Bond

What happens if you lose a stock certificate, bond certificate, or cashier’s check? While the issuing financial institution can’t stop payment on these documents, they can get a lost securities bond. This unique type of surety bond guarantees the security payment to the obligee in the event of wrongdoing by the principal.

Wage and Welfare Bond

Do you want to hire union members? Your company may need to obtain a wage and welfare bond first. It ensures you agree to submit all dues payments, fund contributions, and benefits packages to union employees. The bond guarantees to compensate union members based on the collective bargaining agreement.

Utility Deposit Bond

Utility companies often keep the lights on before receiving payment. While a late payment from a smaller customer isn’t a big deal, larger delinquent accounts can slow operations. A utility deposit bond ensures customers pay their bills on time and in full each month. The utility provider can file a claim against the bond if they don’t.

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Individuals and businesses across a range of industries rely on surety bonds. Curious about which bonds are the right fit for you? The skilled experts at Livingston Insurance Agency can answer all your questions. With over 60 years of experience, there isn’t a miscellaneous bond we haven’t seen!

Need a surety bond but don’t know which type? Contact Livingston Insurance Agency to get coverage and learn about other bonds available.

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Did you know that bonds are actually inexpensive and can be issued very quickly?

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