License & Permit Bond

Contractors must follow local rules and regulations. License & permit bond guarantees they will. Learn more about this commercial surety bond from Livingston Insurance Agency.

Why would a business need a license & permit bond? The simple answer—it keeps them honest. Breaking the rules isn’t always fun and games. Negligent actions can have severe consequences. This type of bond guarantees the business or contractor will follow all regulations. Livingston Insurance Agency can keep you in compliance with a license permit bond.

What Is a License & Permit Bond?

A license and permit bond is another type of surety bond. The individuals posting the bond promises to comply with statutes, regulations, and ordinances pertinent to their activities. Many local and state jurisdictions require these bonds before granting business licenses.

Although they may seem like a no-brainer, these bonds are critical. Without them, dishonest owners might break a few rules to make more money. These bonds don’t protect the business owner. Instead, they protect the consumer from shady practices.

Types of License & Permit Surety Bonds

Not all license and permit bonds are the same. There are many different types. Depending on the industry, a company may need a specific one.

Here are a few of the most common:

  • Contractor License Bond
  • USDA Bond
  • Social Security Administration Bond
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Freight Broker Bond
  • Notary Bond
  • Liquor Tax Bond
  • Environmental Asbestos Bond
  • Commercial Builders
  • Residential Builders Commission
  • And Many More

When applying for a license, you might have to attach the bond along with the application. Some businesses may only need one type of surety bond. But others may require multiple. For example, it’s not unheard of for a company to need both liquor and federal government bonds to stay in compliance.

Need a License & Permit Bond? Livingston Has You Covered!

License and permit surety bonds are necessary for operating many types of businesses. Need to get one (or more)? Livingston Insurance Agency wants to help. Our skilled professionals guide you through the process. Whether you need a contractor license bond or a residential builders bond, you’ll enjoy personalized, white-glove service.

Need a surety bond to apply for a business license? Get coverage right now with a license & permit bond from Livingston Insurance Agency.

Did you know?

Did you know that bonds are actually inexpensive and can be issued very quickly?

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