Bonds are a 3-way contract that legally binds together the principal, an obligee, who requires the bond and a surety company that guarantees the principal. Discover how Livingston Insurance Agency can make surety and other bonds easy for you.

Are you required to provide a bond to the state, municipality, contractor, or a court of law? Livingston Insurance Agency offers several options depending on your requirements and needs at the right price.

Peace of Mind – Rest Easy Knowing Your Bond Meets Your Requirements!

Are you in need of a bond? In many cases, you are required to have one but have no idea where to start. With over 60 years of experience, we have a smooth and easy process.

Here’s the plan for quick and easy success:

  • Step 1: Evaluate Your Needs

Why do you need a bond? Who is requiring you to have one? Determine if it will cover a construction project, license permit, probate, criminal case, or another situation.

  • Step 2: Find the Right Bond

Surety bonds can be for construction bids to licensing to probate courts. Other types include permit, judicial, fiduciary, public official, fidelity, and miscellaneous. There’s an option and a market at the right price for nearly every situation!

  • Step 3: Obtain peace of mind.

Once you have a bond in hand, you can rest assured that all parties will be satisfied and you did not lose an arm and a leg to get one.

Personalized Protection – Bonds That Fit Any Type Of Need

At Livingston Insurance Agency, we know selecting a bond type can seem confusing. Luckily for you, we specialize in all kinds of bonds, ensuring we have the right one for you. Our trained staff will explore all possible options to pinpoint the best fit and pricing available.

People Helping People – With Us You’ll Never Be Just A Number

Obtaining a bond can seem like an overwhelming process at first. Instead of doing it blind, let the professionals at Livingston Insurance Agency lend a hand. With 60+ years of experience, you can trust us to lead you in the right direction.

Bonds are just one of our many specialties. Our staff will explain the different types in detail to help simplify the process. Worried about getting lost in the crowd? Unlike other agents, we’ll never leave you hanging. Building lasting relationships with every client is a top priority.

Curious to learn more? Contact us to get the bond at the right price that suit your unique situation.

Did you know?

Did you know that bonds are actually inexpensive and can be issued very quickly?

Get the bond that meets all your requirements with Livingston Insurance Agency

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