Types of Coverage

If you are looking for types of business insurance coverage, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused by the options. Let the experienced team at Livingston Insurance Agency help you save time and hassle by connecting you with the optimal insurance coverage to meet your unique needs.

We understand that you want commercial insurance that will protect your investment, give you peace of mind, and not lead to costly out-of-pocket expenses. It’s our goal to provide you with a stress-free insurance shopping experience—no matter what type of insurance you need.

Our Value-Added Business Insurance Coverage

Knowing the right coverage to protect your assets is imperative when the unexpected arises. Understanding the extensive list of insurance policies and narrowing down what is best for you takes time and expertise. With Livingston Insurance Agency, our team can decode the fine print and ensure your livelihood is protected.

Here are the commercial insurance options you’ll find at our agency:

Breweries & Distilleries

You’ve worked hard to build your brewery or distillery business. Let us ensure you have the insurance coverage you need to remain profitable no matter what. Whether you own a brewery, brewpub, or liquor distillery, you must have specialized insurance coverage to meet your business’s needs and property. Finding the right coverage can mean the difference between profitability and disaster. Let the experienced team at Livingston Insurance Agency help you find the optimal coverage to give you peace of mind and confidence in your business.

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Professional Services

Do you need insurance for your professional services? Explore your top options for insurance coverage designed for professionals, including lawyers, accountants, consultants, and more.

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How can you find the best contractor business insurance to help you achieve maximum profitability? We eliminate the hassle and confusion so you can focus on doing what you do. Finding affordable contractor business insurance is crucial to maximizing your profitability. Whether you work in commercial building, home renovation, electrical, roofing, plumbing, or HVAC, you need to have the right insurance coverage to have peace of mind. Livingston Insurance Company eliminates the hassle and confusion in contractor insurance shopping to help you find the right policies to meet your needs.

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Rental Properties

Looking for insurance policies to cover your rental properties? Find out how to ensure your properties have the coverage they need to be lucrative. If done right, your rental properties can be a lucrative investment. One component that ensures profitability is the right rental property insurance coverage. At Livingston Insurance Agency, we help property owners find the right plans to protect their investments. No need to feel overwhelmed and confused by the options when our experts can make the insurance process easy.

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Commercial Property Insurance

This provides coverage to business owners from a covered physical loss (i.e. fire, theft, etc.) for buildings and structures that they own. Building values are typically calculated based on the cost to rebuild, not market value. A deductible applies to the property coverage.

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Business Personal Property

The property inside your building is just as important to your business operations as the building itself. That is why business personal property insurance exists. This insures your contents such as equipment, fixtures, furniture, merchandise, etc. owned and used by your business. A deductible applies to business personal property coverage.

Electronic Data Processing(EDP)
This coverage is important if your computers, computer programs, and data are critical to your business operations. EDP provides property coverage for this important electronic equipment including coverage for perils that this type of property is susceptible to such as mechanical breakdown and electrical injury.

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Workers Compensation & Employers Liability

There are two coverage parts on a Workers’ Compensation policy.

Part 1
Workers’ Compensation, provides coverage for medical costs, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages for an employee who suffers an injury, illness, or death resulting from their job-related duties. 

Part 2
Employer’s Liability, provides coverage to you, the employer, from liabilities arising from injury, illness, or death to employees resulting from the workplace.  In the state of SC, the law states that if you employ 4 or more workers (regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time) you must carry workers compensation insurance.  There are a few exceptions, which can be found on the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website.

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General Liability

This coverage offers protection for your business’ liability of bodily injury and/or property damage to others arising out of your business operations, whether the injury occurs on your premises or at the job site.

Care, Custody, or Control Liability
Protection for liability claims for damage to others’ property while in your care.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Protection for liability claims for employment claims such as age discrimination.

Employee Benefits Liability
Protection for errors and omissions while administering your company’s benefit plan.

Liquor Liability
Protection for liability claims arising from operations involving the selling and serving of alcohol.

Product Recall Liability
Protection for expenses associated with your product being recalled.

Sexual Misconduct Liability
Protection for legal liability for damages arising from injury from sexual molestation or misconduct.

Worldwide Business Liability
Protection for your business when you operate in most parts of the world.

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Standard commercial property policies exclude true flooding events from coverage.  Therefore, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created by Congress in 1968 to help individuals and businesses protect themselves in the event a flood.  Rates are standardized and based on coverage selected as well as location of the covered property.

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Business Auto

You are required by the state of SC, NC, and GA to carry auto liability insurance on any tagged and operating vehicle that your business owns.  Similar to personal auto coverage, this protects others in the event you cause an accident.  You can also purchase collision, comprehensive/other than collision, rental, and towing coverages.  A deductible typically applies to the collision and comprehensive coverages.

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Business Interruption Insurance

This is an important coverage that is sometimes “hidden” in a policy, but a good agent will make sure you have it.  If you happen to lose income due to a covered loss, this helps supplement that.

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Commercial Umbrella/Excess

Umbrella and Excess Insurance policies provide an additional layer of liability coverage over specified underlying policies such as your general liability, business auto liability, and employer’s liability.  An umbrella or excess policy is extremely important due to the rise in the number of lawsuits filed, the size of settlements, and the costs to defend any such liability claim.  An umbrella or excess policy is an affordable way to protect your business assets from a nasty lawsuit.

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Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance helps protect professionals from bearing the full cost of defense and/or damages awarded against a negligence claim due to their acts, errors, or omissions in the rendering of or failure to render their professional services. There are two types of professional liability insurance:

Claims Made
This type of policy will respond to claims only when the alleged incident and resulting claim BOTH occurred while the coverage was in force. A Claims Made policy will cover claims that happen after the coverage period ends ONLY if extended reporting or tail coverage is purchased.

This type of policy will respond to claims that come in, even after the policy has been canceled, so long as the claim incident happened while the coverage was in force.

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Event Insurance

Provides liability protection and other optional coverages for a business or individual who is hosting an event such as a party, banquet, fundraiser, wedding, race or run, clay shoot, golf tournament, etc. It can even provide Hole in One coverage and Liquor Liability coverage. It is required at many venues, but everyone should buy it to protect your costs. It does not cost as much as you think!

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LandLord Liability

Landlord Liability coverage that can pay for expenses if you are legally liable if someone (tenant or other person) is injured on your property or if you are required to pay for someone else’s property damage. It can also help to pay your legal defense bills and other court costs.  Your homeowners policy likely will not cover a home that you rent out. This coverage can protect you to give you that sleep at night safety net!

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Construction Bonds

This type of surety bond is used heavily in the construction industry where the surety guarantees their contractor (the “principal”) will meet the terms of the construction contract with the project owner (the “obligee”).  There are various types of contract surety bonds including:

Bid Bond
Performance Bond
Payment Bond
Maintenance Bond
Supply Bond

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License and Permit Bonds

This category is the “catch all” for all other bonds that do not fit in the Contract Surety category.  There are six broad classifications underneath the Commercial Surety heading:

1. License & Permit Bonds
2. Court & Judicial Bonds
3. Fiduciary Bonds
4. Public Official Bonds
5. Fidelity Bonds
6. Miscellaneous & Federal Bonds

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Additional Business Insurance Coverage Options

inland marine insurance image
Inland Marine

A close cousin of business personal property coverage, the inland marine provides property coverage for items that are often moved from place to place.  A great example of this would be insuring tools that travel from jobsite to jobsite or a laptop that travels with an outside sales rep.   A deductible applies to inland marine coverage.

directors and officers liability image
Directors & Officers Liability

If you have a board of directors (or equivalent) for your for-profit or non-profit, you should purchase this coverage to protect the personal assets of your board members while they make decisions on the board (most personal liability policies will not cover their liability while serving on a board).  This way they are free to serve on the board risk free. This insurance provides protection for management decisions that cause some liability to an interested stakeholder.

crime insurance image

Crime coverage protects your business from criminal acts including employee theft, forgery or alteration, theft of money & securities inside/outside of the business premises, computer fraud, fraudulent funds transfer, and counterfeit money/money orders.  While this coverage is an afterthought for many businesses, it can be a very important one to include.

cyber data breach liability insurance image
Cyber/Data Breach Liability

If you own and operate a website or software where people can enter in personal information (most companies do), then you are at risk for a cyber attack. If Sony, Target, Yahoo, and Home Depot can be attacked so can your site.  This is a new type of insurance where coverage varies dramatically, but most policies are designed to help cover the costs to recover data and to have a proper Public Relations Firm help you.

Did you know?

Did you know that all business’ do not need the same types of insurance? 

Each business entity is different and likely will need different types of insurance to mitigate each business’ individual risks. It’s important to have an experienced agent, like Livingston Insurance, to make sure all your specific entities are covered.

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