How can you find the best contractor business insurance to help you achieve maximum profitability? We eliminate the hassle and confusion so you can focus on doing what you do.

Finding affordable contractor business insurance is crucial to maximizing your profitability. Whether you work in commercial building, home renovation, electrical, roofing, plumbing, or HVAC, you need to have the right insurance coverage to have peace of mind. Livingston Insurance Company eliminates the hassle and confusion in contractor insurance shopping to help you find the right policies to meet your needs.

We Offer All the Common Contractor Insurance Plans

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by the variety of contractor insurance plans available? Or maybe you are frustrated by too many out-of-pocket costs. Let the team at Livingston Insurance Company provide the solution. We offer the best contractor insurance plans available and personalized service to help you every step of the way.

Here are the common contractor insurance policies we offer:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Tools & Equipment Coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Cyber
  • Workers Compensation
  • Errors & Omission for Contractors Performing Design Work
  • Construction Bonds
  • License & Permit Bonds

At Livingston Insurance Agency, our satisfied contractors include home renovation, electrical, roofing, plumbing, HVAC, new home builders, government contractors, and commercial builders. Let us connect you with custom plans, so you get the right coverage for your projects.

Need Contractor Business Insurance? Livingston Has You Covered!

Don’t waste time and energy trying to sort through insurance policies when Livingston Insurance Agency can provide everything you need. Our dedicated experts have more than 60 years of business insurance experience and will make the entire process easy, from start to finish.

Contact us today to get the right contractor business coverage to make your business more successful.

Did you know?

Are your tools and trailers covered by your insurance?

They likely are not unless you specifically list them. We can help you at a cost that you can make a profit on.

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