To Do Tips for Winter Freezes

We wanted to take a moment during this month of love and show some love to YOU, our wonderful customers.  We are honored you trust our agency with your insurance needs and allow us to help guide you through this tough insurance market we are all navigating together.  So, thank you for choosing us!  We remain committed to doing our best for you each and every day.

While our hearts may be full of love and warmth, that love and warmth will not prevent frozen pipes!  Yes, the weather is warming up, but it is still cold at night and in the morning.  Be sure to:

  • Insulate around the pipes exposed to cold air by wrapping them with professional approved heat tapes.
  • If your garage has water supply lines, keep the doors closed to help keep the warmth in.
  • Keep your thermostat above 55 degrees to help keep your pipes warm enough to prevent freezing.
  • During very low temperatures, open your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors which will give the indoor plumbing access to the warmer interior air.
  • Know the location of your water shut off value for the water supply.  If you are going away for an extended time, consider shutting your water off during that time.
  • You can also look to install an automatic water shut off system.  These systems detect unusual flow rates in your plumbing and automatically turn the water supply off to the home when detected.  They have also been shown to minimize or eliminate losses due to plumbing leaks.  And bonus, some carriers give you additional discounts if you have these automatic water shut off systems. 

We hope you enjoy these last few weeks of winter! Be prepared for those late winter freezes! Spring will be here before we know it! Give us a shout if you need anything!