South Carolina License Bonds for the SC Residential Builders Commission

The State of South Carolina requires several types of businesses to post a license bond to obtain a business license and permit. The South Carolina Residential Builders Commission is the entity that requires the most license bonds in South Carolina. The license bond process should be easy, fast and cheap.

Here is what you should know:

The license bond our agency issues on a regular basis is for the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission. Formerly, these bonds were referred to as license and permit bonds, but the SC Residential Builders Commission now refers to them as license bonds.

Here is the law code that requires the bond: SC Code of Law SECTION 40-59-220.

The types of residential businesses required to post a license bond annually along with their application (both new and renewal) in South Carolina are as follows:

  • Residential roofers
  • Remodeling or small contractors
  • Specialty residential contractors
    • These businesses are not residential builders, but they contract with homeowners to do construction work, repairs, improvements or re-improvements where the total cost of construction is over $200.
  • Electrical contractors
  • HVAC contractors
  • Plumbing contractors

What is the cost for a South Carolina license bond?

Most of our customers pay $100 annually for their bond. Payment by credit card or cash is acceptable.

What if I don’t have an official license or license bond? 

You will be caught. In June 2015, 73 unlicensed contractors were caught in a sting operation. See here.

The fine and possible imprisonment is not worth $100, i.e. the average cost of a bond.

Where can I get a license bond?

Due to the required long-term obligation of the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission License Bond, it is important to contact a professional with experience; otherwise, you will be paying more and doing more work than necessary. Livingston Insurance Agency makes the process simple, and it can be completed same day.  You will need to fill out a simple two-page application, and the rest is on us. It is also important to note that for the lower bonding limits, there is no required credit check.

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