Old Fashioned Thank You Card

How we Thank our Customers

Customer retention is a key metric in our business and customer appreciation is a priority. What better way to show customers that we appreciate them than with an old fashioned hand written Thank You card? Every other Friday we each try to pick a customer that we have been working with, helping, quoting, heard of some personal news, or are just plain on our minds to write a brief thank you note. No employee is exempt from this, which includes me.We all at Livingston Insurance are in this business to help people and we all appreciate our customers very much. When I came to work at the agency, I really felt “the love” for our customers by our staff. The problem is that no one expressed that.  We certainly expressed it by our actions such as analyzing coverage, providing alternate quotes, examining each and every renewal policy that comes in to make sure they have absolutely the best coverage possible, but the customer had no idea. To this day, the staff still becomes personally upset when an insurance company does something seemingly unfair to one of our customers; for example, exceptionally large increase in premium given to a customer we know to be struggling to make ends meet. We go out of our way behind the scenes to do all we can for that customer.

We really do love each and every customer and I want all to know this. The first method I could come up with to communicate this was an Old Fashioned Thank You Card.