Trusted Choice® – Independence – Independent Agent

Trusted Choice® Independent Agent – What’s that?

You may or may not recognize the Trusted Choice® logo above, but it is a very important symbol to independent agencies just like Livingston Insurance.  So what is an Independent Agent?

“Trusted Choice® is the national brand created exclusively for members of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, to help consumers understand the value of an independent insurance agent.”  (, 3/19/2014)  Trusted Choice® agents are independent agents who represent multiple insurance companies, which enable them to offer their customers a variety of coverage choices to tailor an insurance plan that provides the protection they specifically need. This is a great benefit to those in need of car insurance or business insurance!

Sounds pretty great, but what good is the brand if no one knows about it?  Trusted Choice® is working to change that!  They understand that the world is flooded with cute and witty direct writers’ advertising…think the Geico Gecko or AllState’s Mayhem.  They also understand that those ads attract customers especially those less educated in the world of insurance.  That is why Trusted Choice® is launching an equally witty campaign emphasizing the freedom that you receive by working with an independent insurance agent.  Because let’s face it, as Americans, we love to have choices!  Independent insurance agents provide just that and typically can be a “one stop shop” for all your insurance needs.

So when you think independent, think America, think freedom of choice, and think Livingston Insurance Agency  a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance agency.

As for those particularly in South Carolina, especially Lexington, Columbia, Greenville and Charleston, expect to see some banner ads coming your way very shortly!

If you want to find a Trusted Choice independent agent for your insurance needs click here, enter your zip code and you will find independence!