Probate Bond Quick Help for Richland County, Lexington County, and Other Midlands Counties

Have you ever dealt with a probate court?  They are formal and not very helpful!  The point of contact for a recent conservatorship bond that we helped place vented to us how frustrated he was that a local probate court would not help him find a lawyer or an insurance agent for his conservatorship probate bond.  Fortunately, a Google search lead him to our agency.  Having a trusted lawyer and agent are two of the key steps in properly managing an estate’s or living person’s assets.

No one knows when they will have to step up to be a conservator, but if the time arises, here are some helpful resources for Lexington County, Richland County, Newberry County, and Kershaw County…

Probate Bond Court Forms:

Lexington County and Richland County probate courts will refer you to their website for any probate forms you will need. Rural counties often have more paper forms or use a standard state-wide form.  Here are some helpful links we have used:

Lexington County, SC Probate Court:

Main Probate Contact Page:

Richland County, SC Probate Court:

Main Probate Contact Page:


Newberry County, Kershaw County, and other SC Counties Probate Courts:

Newberry, Kershaw, and other Midlands Counties use the South Carolina Judicial Department website for their forms and probate contact information.

That main page is:

Navigate your way to “Trial Courts,” then “Probate Court,” then “County Map.”  Select the county of your case’s jurisdiction for their information.

For example, this is it for Newberry:

How to find a good Probate Bond Lawyer:

Anyone can find a lawyer; they are everywhere!  But, how do you find a good probate lawyer?  Use this resource in your search.  Martin Dale provides peer-reviewed and client-reviewed resources for both consumers and lawyers. This site is merely meant to help you in your search.  You will want to speak with the actual lawyers to find the most experienced and best fitted for you.

Probate Bonds and the Many Other Names they can be Called:

This is a re-cap of “different” names a court may use to refer to probate bonds. Of course, you can always call us for more info on each of these!

Probate: Administrator bonds, Personal Representative bonds, Estate of Court bonds, and Executor of Court bonds.

Guardianship:  Guardianship bonds, Conservatorship bonds, and Custodian bonds.

Trustee: Receiver bonds, Trustee bonds, and Disbursing Agent bonds.

Experienced Independent Insurance Agent:

Finally, only an experienced local Independent Insurance Agent in the court’s general vicinity can truly help you navigate the confusing system of the Probate Court and the required bonding. Our average total time with a client is around 30 minutes with typically same day pricing turnaround time. You do not physically have to come in our office.  We have helped an individual from across the country with a conservatorship bond domiciled in South Carolina completely remotely. An experienced independent agent has multiple markets and the expertise to handle this part of the process quickly and painlessly.