Insurance for Political Campaigns

Running for political office carries with it certain risks unique to campaigning. What should you consider when kickstarting your political campaign?

  • Certain coverages may be required by law. Workers’ compensation coverage is required by law in South Carolina and every other state. If your political campaign includes paid employees (campaign director, finance manager, etc.), you need workers’ compensation coverage. Otherwise, you could face steep fines. 
  • General liability insurance covers fundraising and meet-and-greet events you may put on and protects you in case someone slips and falls while at your event or at campaign headquarters. If you serve alcohol at your events, that requires special liquor liability consideration. Some larger events may be excluded by your general liability policy, so make sure to contact your trusted independent insurance agent.
  • Political campaign employees who use their personal autos for campaign purposes can open your campaign to significant property damage and bodily injury claims. This can usually be handled with endorsements to your general liability policy.
  • If you rent spaces for your campaign offices, the lessors will require the campaign to cover mishaps in those places with additional insured endorsements. We have insureds with political campaign offices in hotel suites and business parks in Columbia, Greenville, and Charlotte that all require this coverage.
  • Property coverage may also be necessary to protect computers, equipment and other contents of campaign offices.
  • You may need to consider directors and officers (D&O) insurance if your campaign has debt – for example, the campaign takes out a loan to kickstart the election cycle. This article from The Hartford has more information on D&O insurance.
  • While you’d like to think all of your volunteers are honest, you will also want crime coverage in the case of theft of funds by campaign workers.
  • Consider adding cyber insurance, especially if you are accepting donations through a website.
  • Depending on the size of the political campaign, you may consider an umbrella policy for an added layer of protection. For instance, a gubernatorial campaign would need more protection a campaign for the office of county clerk.

Give us a call at Livingston Insurance Agency at 803-791-1120 to discuss your individual needs. We have experience covering all sizes of political campaigns and can make sure your campaign and personal interests are protected.