Fun Facts About Craft & Distilled Spirits

Interested in some Distilled Spirits/Distillery History and Current Events? Check out these cool links!

History of Spirits in America

The origins of whiskey (aka Distilled Spirits) can be traced back to the medieval monks of both Ireland and Scotland, but we love America so this is a link to the history of Distilled Spirits in America. Check out this quote from the site, “Bourbon, in fact, is so darned American, that, in 1964, Congress itself recognized it as ‘a distinctive product of the U.S.A.’” Read more here.

George Washington’s Distillery

The first major Craft Distiller in the United States is none other than our Founding Father, George Washington. In 1799, he is estimated to have produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey. He was so detailed in his process that on the war trail during the Revolution, he frequently wrote home to Martha with specific instructions on how to keep the distillery going while he whooped up on the British! Check out more here.

Whiskey Rebellion

Hate paying taxes on those distilled spirits? Well, so did George Washington! In 1791, Alexander Hamilton proposed a seemingly small tax on distilled spirits, which caused the Whiskey Rebellion to ensue. (Even today’s distillers know they pay too much in taxes!) Even though George Washington himself didn’t like the tax, he had to saddle up the militia to stop the rebellion:

Craft Spirits’ Roll in the Burning of Columbia, SC

Yes, even craft spirits played a significant roll in the burning of Columbia, SC during the Civil War. Once the city had “peacefully” surrendered, Sherman’s troops found a huge stock of Whiskey! The Northern troops started drinking the whiskey and fires were started. Marion Brunson Lucas, a prestigious author on the subject, stated, “… the chief culprits were cotton, wind, and whiskey.” Don’t believe me, check this out.

For more on the 150th Year Anniversary of the Burning of Columbia, check out their site!

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