Craft Brewery – Tasting Rooms & Brewery Tours

Many local craft brewers and retail establishments in Columbia , Greenville, and Charleston, South Carolina offer brewery tours and tastings. This is a great way to market a product and create interest from the community.  However, what you might not think about is how these tours and tastings present a different set of exposures compared to a craft brewery where guests are not allowed on premise.  You must protect your business as well as your guests!

Per our previous blog post on Craft Brewery Insurance, slips and falls are the most common liability claim for the tasting rooms and tours. Protect your brewery and guests with some quick and easy safety/housecleaning tips for your craft brewery:

  • Use non-skid flooring whenever possible and mop up spills immediately.
  • Make the surface level, but if it is not possible, clearly mark and illuminate all changes in elevation and steps.
  • Ensure handrails on stairs are secure and stairs are in proper condition, i.e. no tears in the carpet and a solid non-skid surface.
  • Keep walkways inside and outside the brewery in good condition and well lit.
  • Don’t permit guests to carry beverages or food with them during the tour.
  • Post warnings and liability disclaimers at the tour site and on your website to assure visitors understand potential physical and operational hazards.
  • Be sure to follow any state or local safety regulations or health restrictions, including occupancy restrictions for fire evacuation.
  • Inspect all equipment and clean the area before guests arrive.
  • Provide proper clothing, if necessary, for safety and contamination reasons.
  • Contact your Insurance Agent or Livingston Insurance for advice or more ideas!

Finally, abide by the law!  South Carolina has a law known as the “Pint Law,” which limits brewery guests to 48 ounces of on premise beer consumption within a 24 hour period.  For the actual law, visit the South Carolina State House Site: and Read Section 61-4-1515.