Business Services Bond – Use it to Attract New Customers in South Carolina

Want to gain new clients and give them assurance that they will be protected when you go to work in their home or business? Show them your business services bond. Dishonest employees can severely impact your business profit and reputation. The business services bond protects your customers from losses incurred by dishonest acts of your employees.

What is the purpose of a business services bond?

The purpose is to protect your customers from losses they incur at the hands of your employees. For example, if one of your employees takes a new Blu-ray player that your customer was seemingly throwing away, a business services bond would protect the customer.

How will a business services bond respond?

Unlike an insurance policy, a business services bond will not pay the customer immediately for the loss. The bond guarantees to the customer that you, the business owner, will be able to pay any losses up to the limit of the bond. The bond will only pay the customer in the event that you or your business is financially unable to pay the loss.

How do I purchase a business services bond in South Carolina, Georgia or North Carolina?

The process is simple and can be completed same day.  Contact Livingston Insurance at 803-791-1120 or email at to get started. You will need to fill out a simple two-page application, and the rest is on us.

How much is the bond?

The rates are very affordable and can be downright cheap. A bond for $5,000 is generally $100 per year. We have an insured with a $50,000 bond that is $325 annually.

What types of businesses in South Carolina should purchase a business services bond?

  • Home cleaners
  • Office cleaning companies
  • Pest control companies
  • Pool cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning and installation companies
  • Pet sitters
  • Childcare professionals
  • Painters
  • Movers and moving companies
  • Gardeners, lawn services, landscapers
  • Plumbers

In South Carolina especially growing areas like Lexington and Columbia, trust is an important factor when deciding to contract with a new vendor.  If you tell potential customers that you have a third-party guarantee in the form of a business services bond, this may truly gain you a new customer.