10 Tailgate Tips at the Next Gamecock Game

Football Season is back!  That means Tailgating time! Are you ready for a Fun but Safe Tailgate?

Here are the Livingston Insurance Top Ten Tips to a Happy, Well-Remembered, and Safe Tailgate:

  1. Never Drink and Drive. Your team could win, but this will ruin your next 3 years and cost you approximately $10,000.
  2. Watch the Car! Don’t throw a ball near your car.  Don’t throw it near anyone else’s either.  Leave that to the players and stick to other “recreational” activities.

    Car Insurance Advice: Buy Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage.

  • A football goes through your windshield! You get back from the game and someone has spray painted your car!   Your car was stolen!  Your car caught fire from the hot grill you stored inside!  Carry Comprehensive Coverage on all of your vehicles for unpredictable non-collison accidental events like these.
  1. Watch the Grill. Don’t add more fuel than is necessary, don’t leave the fuel container in the sun, and please put out the fire completely before entering the stadium!
  2. Clean Up! If you love your team, clean up your area.  Don’t be THOSE
  3. It’s all about the Food. The best tailgates are the ones with the best food.  Make sure to have a few good, simple but tasty recipes.
  4. Lock up your Valuables – The most frequent tailgating claim we have is lost or misplaced jewelry. Read on about insuring your valuables…

     Homeowners Insurance Advice: Schedule Valuable Jewelry

  • The ISO Standard Homeowners policy only has $1,500 worth of Jewelry Coverage, and this is subject to the policy deductible. If you have jewelry worth more than that, schedule it!  It’s as easy as calling us!
  1. Control your Emotions. Don’t say or do anything that you will regret later.
  2. Remember the Decorations. This is key to a memorable and noticeable tailgate.   There is no limit here!
  3. Don’t forget your Hand Sanitizer. It’s easy to clean up before and after the game.  Don’t eat finger foods with dirty hands!  Your fellow tailgaters will appreciate it.
  4. Have fun! Support your team – Go Dawgs, Go Gamecocks, Go Tigers, Go Paladins, Go Blue Hose!

Real Life Worst Case Scenario:

The tips shared above are meant to help you avoid a worst case scenario.  Read on about one that Actually Happened at a Redskins game!

Watching your team lose is hard, but having your car burn to the ground and being liable for other cars burning is worse!

Personal Liability Insurance Advice: Purchase Umbrella Insurance

  • See the Real Life Scenario above, Liable for an 8 car burn? You will need an umbrella for that liability.
  • Slander? Things get heated and someone accuses of you of defamation. You will need an umbrella for that liability.
  • Personal liability coverage and the extra layer of protection from an umbrella policy is key to removing worry for any tailgater!

So here’s to another great football season, and may the best team!

Joe Popkowski